Why Art is Created?
Art is created for all-kinds of purposes. Generally, the most common reasons could be: simply for aesthetics, conveying good morals and ethics, praising forms of spirituality, recording history and a tool used in politics. These expressions could be presented in: visual arts, a unique expression of ideas, emotions and people through visual means; fine arts, a physical work with no practical function and only created for appeal, or applied arts; the edit and design of functional objects for visual pleasure. Visual arts include works such as the Mona Lisa or a picture of a sunset. Art forms that could be considered fine arts are sculptures such as the David by Michelangelo. Lastly, applied arts could be as common as the interior of your car.

The picture below is an example of aesthetic art because it is created soley to function as "eye candy"
external image marilyn.jpg
Morals and Ethics
The picture below of George Washington on the bollar bill serves as an example of noble and good values and behavior because Washingtonwell known to be a patriot
external image glossary_5064.jpg
The picture below represents spirituality because the christian cross is used for religious purposes
external image christian-cross-thumb3008435.jpg
The picture below demostrates historical art because the art of a tombstone/memorials symbolizes and provides information about a person, place or thing
external image 4.jpg
The picture below demostrates political art because this composition, and many like it commonly known as propoganda, attempts to persuade ordinary citizens to join the army
external image us_propaganda-1.jpg