COLOR: This image represents the use of color to make an image stand out. The bright red car stands out
against the other darker colored cars. Because of the bright, different color, the eye is drawn to the image.

RULE OF THIRDS: This image represents the use of the rule of thirds to make the subject stand out. The
subject in this image is the diamonds "Slow Pedestrian Crossing" sign. Because it is off to the left, but is on
a third, it follows the rule of third. This image could also represent a use of color, as the bright yellow sign
stands out against the gray clouds.

TONAL: This image makes the subject, the lighter clouds to the left, stand out because of the tones being used.
The darker clouds are more in the foreground of the composition and since the lighter/brighter clouds are of a total
opposite shade, the viewer's attention will focus to the left

LINE: This image used lines to make the subject stand out. The line of the counter draws the eye to Micheal
who is leaning and choosing a book off the shelves, following the use of lines make a subject stand out.