Gajasimha - Elephant and Lion

The procedure in creating this image first starts with choosing a mythical beast. Next finding two images that compose the beast, in this case it is
an elephant and a lion. Following that step, use the lasso tool(on Photoshop) to select portions of the image and move the part on to the foreground
of the next image. After that, use the stamp tool to "blend in" any discrepancies and finalize the image. Lastly, save the image.

The gajasimha is a mythical animal with the body of a lion and the head of an elephant. At Angkor, it is portrayed as a guardian of temples and as
a mount for some warriors. The gajasimha may be found at Banteay Srei and at the temples belonging to the Roluos group. The reachisey is another
mythical animal, similar to the gajasimha, with the head of a lion, a short elephantine trunk, and the scaly body of a dragon. It occurs at Angkor War
in the epic bas reliefs of the outer gallery.